Seasonal Offers

Carlingford is the perfect location for a wide variety of occasions and at numerous times of the year. We recognise this and aim to provide targeted packages and Special Offers at particular times of the year.

Some of these offers will be just for accommodation and others will include activities. As part of the No.1 Activity Centre in Ireland ‘Carlingford Adventure Centre’ we can offer a wide range of activity packages for sporty and outdoorsy types… or just sit back, relax and put your feet up! See specific seasonal details below.

View of the Carlingford to Omeath Greenway


Easter & Mid Term

We have Easter Adventure Camps running which can be residential or non-residential.  Again there will be family camps available for either full or half days. Accommodation can either be booked alongside activities or on its own. A lovely time of the year for a break with family or friends.



Summer is always a hectic time in Carlingford with lots of tourists and adventure seekers.  Carlingford Adventure Centre is packed with summer campers and English Language students from around the world.  Summer Camp lasts the whole of July & August and includes children of all ages and whole families.  Stay overs in our Holiday Homes can be stand-alone or combined with activity packages.


Halloween & Mid-Term

A popular time of the year for short family breaks, making the most of schools being off, our Holiday Homes are popular.  Accommodation can be booked separately or alongside Halloween Camp for the kids & some time off for mum and dad. Halloween Camp is a 3 day kids’ adventure camp from 9.30 – 5pm daily, which can either be booked as a 3 day package or separately for individual days.  There are also Family Day Camps and Half Day Camps available if mum and dad want to get involved as well.


Christmas & New Year

Sometimes it’s nice to just get away from things, especially at hectic times when things can get on top of you. If you don’t want to invite the family around to your house then why not invite them to ours!! Then you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up, and with plentiful eating options around Carlingford you don’t even need to worry about cooking if you don’t want to.  We have special 4 night rates available for the festive period so if you are looking to rent a house over Christmas in Carlingford then look no further.


If you would like to enquire or would like any information about the above feel free to get in touch.