Visit Carlingford

Why Visit Carlingford?

If you’ve never been to Carlingford you might be wondering what all the fuss is about! Well we love providing useful information so here are 17 reasons to visit Carlingford sometime soon.   The Scenery – It really is one of the most beautiful locations in Ireland. Its has Carlingford Lough on its doorstep, the…

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Carlingford Holiday Homes

Houses to rent in Carlingford – Checklist!

This is a list of things to check for when you arrive at your Holiday Home or apartment.  It’s useful when renting a house in Carlingford or elsewhere to have a checklist of items that you can tick off.  Otherwise with the excitement of arriving you might get carried away and forget until it’s too…

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dodgy houses for rent

Things to look for when Booking Holiday Homes

We have compiled this list specifically for holiday homes in Carlingford but naturally it applies to holiday home bookings anywhere. We have years of renting houses in Carlingford and thousands of satisfied customers so we know what customers need and want! Whether you use our services or another supplier these are the things you need…

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