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This is a list of things to check for when you arrive at your Holiday Home or apartment.  It’s useful when renting a house in Carlingford or elsewhere to have a checklist of items that you can tick off.  Otherwise with the excitement of arriving you might get carried away and forget until it’s too late.



Obviously the house needs to be in a high state of repair, you shouldn’t be expected to stay in conditions you wouldn’t stay at home.  Check for damages, damp, leaks, insect infestations etc and any issues at all should be reported to the Holiday Home owner and resolved for you. It can help if you have things in writing as well, whether it be a text, email or letter. Even things like curtains, blinds, doors, cupboards etc are all important considerations with houses to rent in Carlingford and elsewhere.


Check the white goods

Washing machines, tumble driers, fridge, dish washer etc.  Were they included in the rental agreement and are they of good working order in a usable state? Even if you don’t plan on using them make sure you report any faults at the start of your stay in case you do need them and also so you can’t get blamed for breaking them!



It’s very important that you check your electricity, gas, water etc as soon as you arrive as any delay reporting them might mean a delay or even overnight resolving the issue for you.  Heating mightn’t be an issue in the summer but you’ll really miss it in the winter! We don’t have much need for Air Conditioning in Carlingford unfortunately but make sure that the rooms are airy and not too stuffy. What is your water pressure like as it can affect the quality of washing, showering etc.  Is there an alarm and is it in working order, do all the door locks and window latches and locks work? Are the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in good working condition?


Implements & Utensils

What are you expecting to be supplied –  based on the terms and conditions, which you hopefully read in detail (see blog here on what to look for before renting a house)!  What will be useful to have during your Holiday Home stay? It’s not worth buying a range of utensils yourself during a short stay so the basics should have been provided.  One of the big advantages of houses to rent in Carlingford or elsewhere is the fact that you can cook and clean for yourself so suppliers need to make sure you can do with minimum cost and hassle.  Things like corkscrews and bottle openers often come in handy during holidays 🙂 but might have been taken by the previous renter so just have a quick check when you arrive.



Conduct an inventory of the basic items that are included with your Holiday Home, particularly if you are with a big group, large family or if you are planning a party.  This will allow you to see if any items get lost or broken and can avoid you being charged for replacing items not present when you arrived.  If there is any damage present when you arrive it can be useful to take photos even if the damage doesn’t impact on your stay.  Inform the Holiday Home owner as they need to get it fixed and means you wont get blamed for causing the damage. If the owner has an inventory themselves that they can provide you with all the better it means you can just tick off the list.



What is provided for you outside (think garden furniture, BBQ’s etc)? When you arrive you can also check that the garden is in good condition with suitable drainage, well maintained lawns etc.  Nothing as bad as trying to organise a BBQ or party in a swamp or jungle! Houses to rent in Carlingford should be of a high standard inside and outside!


Escape Route

We don’t like thinking about worst case scenario especially on holidays but it is useful to have escape routes planned for anyone staying in the house, particularly if its more than one floor.


That’s everything on your checklist that should have you covered when you arrive at your rental house in Carlingford or elsewhere. This is an extensive list but don’t be unduly worried as the vast majority of suppliers are genuine and Holiday Homes are in great condition.  We at Carlingford Adventure Centre have been providing houses to rent in Carlingford for 25 years and pride ourselves on our standard of service and responsiveness to customers and other suppliers should do likewise.  If they don’t then don’t accept it, life and holidays are too short!

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