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We have compiled this list specifically for holiday homes in Carlingford but naturally it applies to holiday home bookings anywhere. We have years of renting houses in Carlingford and thousands of satisfied customers so we know what customers need and want! Whether you use our services or another supplier these are the things you need to keep an eye out for!


Supplier Reliability

Have you used this supplier before? Have any of your friends or family rented a house from them? You can also check out what online reviews they have received and look back at the details of what people are saying.  Customers should be happy with the quality of accommodation and also the customer service offered to them if they had any issues. If you can’t find any online reviews for them you’d have to wonder why! Social media is another good place to check them out – do they have many followers (and anyone that you know that can recommend), how engaging are they with people, what are customers saying etc?


Length of Stay

How long are you planning on staying in Carlingford or elsewhere?  Some suppliers have set rates for mid week and weekends, but if you plan on staying for a week or longer there might be better offers, particularly at certain times of the year.  If their website doesn’t have discounts it might be worth giving them a quick call to check if there is some negotiation!


Quality of Accommodation

Photos will only tell you so much and renters are going to show you the best possible photos, which could have been taken years ago. What are they not showing you about the houses to rent?  Is it possible for you to check the accommodation before staying there? Obviously this isn’t always possible but if you aren’t happy with the standard of Holiday Homes when you arrive then don’t be afraid to complain and ask for issues to be resolved or moved to a more suitable house. If at all possible the Holiday Homes supplier should be able to oblige.

What extras are included?

The saying “You get what you pay for” isn’t always true and you need to check what exactly you are getting for your money beforehand.  If they talk about ‘Mod cons’ what does this include and does it cover everything you need? Is Wifi available and included in the price? Do they provide linen and towels? You might assume lots of these are automatically included but you could be hit with extra charges when you arrive – not the ideal start to your holiday home experience!


Price and availability

These are probably going to be the key determinants of which house to rent you eventually choose but they aren’t everything! Expect to pay more at high season and busy times but not ridiculously so.  If the Holiday Home prices rise massively at particular times is it really worth it, or would you be better staying somewhere nearby? How far can you afford to book in advance for special advance rates if they have them?  But remember check their cancellations policy!


Holiday Homes Owner or Agent?

Do you mind if you are renting from the actual owners of the property or Agents?  Lots of online websites and local companies are just agents so they don’t have the same level of direct control.  Some people prefer to deal direct with owners but both have benefits so it’s personal preference.  Any site should make clear whether they own the properties or just rent them for others. Rental sites like Airbnb are growing in popularity but many renters prefer dealing directly with local companies. Local companies in Carlingford include Carlingford Adventure Centre, Carlingford Holiday Homes, Carlingford Self Catering (agent) Carlingford Accommodation Visit Carlingford (agent).


Terms & Conditions

OK none of us ever read the small writing, but for big purchases like holidays you really should! What are their cancellations procedures, how much deposit do they require, do they offer you any guarantees etc.  If there is anything potentially nasty in there they should be highlighting to you beforehand. How much will you need to pay in advance and on what dates? Do they allow pets?


Exact Location

Don’t just accept ‘Carlingford area’ or other areas, they should have a map showing the exact location of all their houses to rent. Is it in the centre, walking distance, driving distance or with good transport links? A bigger distance might mean a cheaper rental.  The Holiday Home might be in a residential area so are you happy to be living beside families and people that mightn’t appreciate late night BBQ’s or parties! Different people like to be in the centre of the action or out on their own so aim for what you want.


Carlingford Checklist

We love checklists 🙂 Have a checklist for what you are looking for when renting a house and detail for each house what they have and have not and you can then rate the properties against each other.  Personally I like having a number of headings and scoring each property against each heading (say between 1 to 5), then that will give you a total score for each property at the end and the winner should become clear… I also did the same when I was buying my home!  Things you might include would be location, facilities, price, reliability etc.  You should also have a checklist for when you arrive at Holiday Homes, check out our specific blog on this topic here.



There you go that’s our overview of things you should be looking for when renting a house, apartment or holiday home in Carlingford or elsewhere! Let us know if we have missed anything.


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